Deepest Desire

What are your deepest desires? Go beyond the physical and really tap into your subconscious. On a metaphysical level what do you want?

I ask myself this question often. I tap in , I ground, I meditate, I cleanse and create ritualistic practices. Yet I still ponder on this question. I have surface dreams —“To buy land in Africa and live free”. When I am gone from this world and my soul exist in another state of being what would said land do for me? I’m certain some parts of my legacy will find use for what I leave behind but what will I take for me? The most important point spiritual or religious teachings strive to make is what will become of us beyond this physical state. While I do share those same principles and beliefs, the balanced part of my soul over-stands that living for now does matter. I am accomplishing a plethora of “surface desires”; yet, I’m still learning myself to understand what I desire on a soul level.

I ask you again — What are your deepest desires?

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