Lunga Vita

lon·gev·i·ty /lônˈjevədē,länˈjevədē noun • long life • long existence or service.

Happiness is a state of being !!

Beyond the known and unknown happiness is more than a choice— it is automatic, beyond comprehension, it is literally engraved into ones frequency should you choose to vibrate in that Hertz. (38 Hertz is the frequency at which the brain releases pleasure and exuberates endorphins in and around the body.)

Happiness is a vibration, a healing, a love —it’s more than a choice it’s a state of being !

I am beyond grateful for my children, my streams of income, my peaceful space. I can see the chaos in the world around me; yet, I can not feel it — grateful for the shield. Life is good. Life is great! I now know it is my birthright to live in peace and harmony.

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