Vow to Self

“I love you but I have to walk away because I made a vow to myself to vibrate higher !! “

“I was always on a mission to love myself but couldn’t quite understand how to do that ! I sat with myself in that space that you felt hatred toward me, I sat by myself and went within myself… Unbeknownst to me at that time I was allowing my higher self -my subconscious to clear out the old wounds and so I felt low for a while.. Only a short while —that trauma cleared out and I looked in the mirror one day and I genuinely loved what I saw.

Like I said ..I made a vow to represent myself better because I know I’m a powerful being and so it’s important to my soul to operate in that. I love you but I have to walk away because in that space when you was hating me I thought you too were healing from traumas that I caused and also traumas from your own life and your own path . I realize that your still stuck in that low vibration of hate and hurt and I can’t help you and we can’t thrive. You have to go within and so I’ll go without .. you.. and I pray you heal properly so you too can start operating on a higher frequency!!”

~Tamara Thompson

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