To My Black Self : First Comes Natural

The society I was born into has taught me — once you walk out into this world you better look “presentable” with tamed hair and if your face has “blemish” you should paint it to look more appealing. That my natural state is simply not good enough.

I was determined to have (what I thought at the time) a successful career in the corporation of my choosing. I signed the companies employee handbook—Within said handbook, there is a guideline on acceptable presentation in the work place. I took the job without a thought I was chasing a dream and at one point even agreeing to the ideologies surrounding acceptable appearance.

At a young age I had a deep obsession to keeping my hair done in mostly braids or twist because when I didn’t I heard the short nappy hair jokes. That obsession never really left me. As I aged I embarked on a mission to become a successful black business woman —at some point along the way my obsession to makeup presented itself. I was in fact so accustomed to my made up “beauty” that I slowly started hating my face without.

I spent a lot of time on my spiritual journey meditating, reflecting and releasing a plethora of limited beliefs. This journal entry was written while I was well into my practice of evolution but still struggled with presenting my natural self to the world.

“On days where you are within your own space and time study your own natural look. There may be skin or hair conditions that require a little more research, perhaps a change in diet. It may be that what attributes to your urge to “want to look beautiful” and not realizing that true beauty is skin deep —is the psychological programming of this strange society. Natural black has never been truly accepted in this country.”

We have a right to opt and engage in makeup and surgery to correct whatever we feel out of tune with within our appearance—but first study and get to know your first state. You may just fall in love!

One thought on “To My Black Self : First Comes Natural

  1. Even as a blogger it is tempting to say things (or not to say things) that appeal to the readers you have vs your true ideals or ideas. The herd is a powerful thing.
    This is an excellent article, btw. Thank you
    It took a lot if time to sound like myself”—Miles Davis
    See, even musicians fall into the trap. I Noticed later in life that everyone is truly beautiful. Life is amazing enough your way—even more-so

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